I'm Silva, I'm a french mod maker. This is my new website HEXAGON known as the old name Silva Modding. I created a lot of mods for Surviving Mars and I won two modding contests organized by Paradox Interactive. Now I'm working on Surviving the Aftermath the new Paradox game. All my mods are created by myself, I create my own models, scripts and arts.

If you like my work you can support me with donations, messages, buy your games with my affiliate program and share my mods! "Oh and I'm sorry if my english is bad, I'm french."

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Surviving the Aftermath NEW

A Post-apocalyptic colony builder created by Iceflake and edited by Paradox Interactive. Recently I started the modding on this game and I'm working on modding tool for Unity.

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Surviving Mars

A Space colony builder created by Haemimont Games and edited by Paradox Interactive. I suspended my work for this game but you can download a lot of mods created by myself essentially new buildings.

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Discord and Twitter are important places to stay update with my work. You can post your feedback, bug repports, suggestions and speak with other players.

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