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Surviving Mars

Release / 2022/01/29

Unofficial Content Pack Release 1.0 Available!

Alpha is finished *Yeaahh!* the Release is here *Yeaahh!* with a huge update (+400Mo) *Wuuuuh!* and probably this is the last content update *Nooooo!*
This is my last gift for you, 10 of my old and famous buildings are back with this update, like Modular Apartments, Aquarium, Cinema, Wasterock Extractor... I worked on their compatibility and fixed some bugs.

And yes...this content update is probably my last update for my Mod and Surviving Mars. I will try to keep update to fix the bugs only. I have started some new great contents to improve my Pack, but impossible to finish. I would like to continue but I've a some gaiming projects and my job as Game Dev takes a lot time.

So, I hope you will be enjoyed by this last update ! Thank you very much for all your support!

Surviving Mars

Release / 2021/09/10

Unofficial Content Pack Alpha 0.3 Available!

Hello Martians!
The Alpha 0.3 of the UCP Mod is available on Steamworkshop only!
Important changes in this version. UCP becomes my unique mod for Surviving Mars! I don't have enough time to keep update my other mods, I prefer to create a beautiful & high quality "All-In-One Pack".

Keep in mind this is a "Test Version" with missing content and probably several bugs... It is not recommended to play with this mod and your Main Game. Make a Backup before!

Surviving Mars

Release / 2021/06/13

Unofficial Content Pack Alpha 0.1 Available!

Greeting Martians!
The Unofficial Content Pack Mod is available in Alpha version on Steamworkshop only! Keep in mind this is "Test Version" with missing content and probably bugs... It is not recommended to play with my mods with your Main Game. Make a Backup before!

Surviving Mars

New DLC / 2021/03/15

My own official DLC for Surviving Mars is available!

Greeting Martians!
I'm back on Surviving Mars, since November I work as Freelance for Paradox and Abstraction Games on new contents for this game. Also, I created my own DLC a request from Paradox. You can buy this DLC on all plaftorms, it's good mean for you to support my work and my mods. Thank you so much!

You can read my Dev Diary on Paradox's forums In-Dome Buildings Pack - Dev Diary.

Surviving the Aftermath

Devlog / 2020/12/05

Update 2.1 for the Game Update #12

Game Update 12 is here and all my mods are ready! Patchnotes here . Also, currently I have a few time to mod. All buildings work with the temperatures and overlay view but I added only 2 buildings with the cold FX (visual), likewise for Disasters.

Surviving the Aftermath

Devlog / 2020/09/17

Packs 2.0, removed Mods and new building

Game Update 10 is here and all my mods are ready, I prepared a big update! You can read all changes for my mods in the Patchnotes here . Other Important news I removed all standalone version of my mods because there are a few downloads for these ones and it's a lot of extra work for me. I prefer to focus on the packs.

Also, in Building Pack there is a new building: Fallout Shelter to protect your colonists during a disaster. Check the Codex for more informations.

Surviving the Aftermath

Announcement / 2020/09/01

Disaster Pack 1.0 is available!

After a lot of work to make FXs, light ambiants and various tries to balance the disasters, my Pack is ready to play! This first release contains 8 new disasters with their unique FXs, effects and severity (Light to Very Dangerous). It brings a new challenge for your colonists, becarful this pack adds difficulty but the most dangerous disasters will come after reaching a population limit. You can find in the codex on my website all details for each disaster here .

Report bugs and your feedbacks on Discord and follow the future updates.

Surviving the Aftermath

Announcement / 2020/06/03

Building Pack 1.0 is available!

I'm very glad to announce that the building pack is finally released! 13 new unique buildings added and created by myself. There are many hour of work behind this pack. In the future various new buildings can be added.

Report bugs and your feedbacks on Discord and follow the future updates.