Surviving the Aftermath


After Surviving Mars, now I'm working on this new game, few mods available for the moment, I'm coding a modding tool to create easily new buildings.


For the moment the game is available only in early access on Epic Games Store and all mods are available only on Paradox.

Paradox Mods

Cheat Mode

I unlocked the official cheat mode in-game. To unlock it, download my mod Aftermath Cheat Mode, enable the mode, launch your game (New Game or sSavegame), and press F10 top open the cheat menu. There are a lof of cheat options for you!
Have Fun!

Modtools Extender

If you are modder, this might interest you. I written this tool to improve and add new functionnalities for the official Modtools available for Unity3D. You can find this tool and its documentation here.

  • Mod Editor
  • New Mod Compiler
  • Event Editor
  • Translator
  • And various other little functionnalities...

Many thanks for my 42 generous donators!