Surviving Mars


Since March 2018 to January 2020, I created a lot of mods for Surviving Mars to extend the game and I won two modding contests. For the moment I suspended the modding for this game, no more new mods but I keep them update.


All my are downloadable on Steam and Paradox platforms. Available for Xbox, Steam, and GOG players. (No DLC required)

Steam Workshop Paradox Mods

Language Pack

This is a fantastic mod led by myself in colaboration with different players to translate all my mods in various languages (English, Russian, French, German, Swidish, Chinese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Brazilian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Japanese, Czech, Italian, Spanish).

If you want you can help me to write the translations in your native language or make corrections.

Future Vision (last update December,2019)

Abandonned This is the most ambicious mod never created for Surviving Mars adding new graphics for each building,various new game mechanics and a better end game. But I have to abandon its because there is an unexpected technical limitation. This issue can be fixed by the game devs but there is no more update for this game. So I can't continue my mod...