Welcome, you are in the documentation of the my Modtools Extender. This is an unofficial improvement for the Suriving the Aftermath Modtools to make the modding easier. Currently the game is in Early Access, there are a lot of new major updates adding various new features. It's possible each new game update my tool doesn't work correctly.


  • Latest version
  • Modtools Extender Release 1.0.3 Win10 Game Update 1.6.x Download
  • Old versions
  • Modtools Extender Release 1.0.2 Win10 Game Update 1.5.x Download
  • Modtools Extender Release 1.0.1 Win10 Game Update 1.4.x Download
  • Modtools Extender Release 1.0 Win10 Game Update 1.4.x Download
  • Modtools Extender Beta 0.6 Win10 Game Update 1.4.x Download
  • Modtools Extender Beta 0.5 Win10 Game Update 1.4 Download
  • Modtools Extender Beta 0.4 Win10 Game Update 1.4 Download


  • Follow the instructions to install the official Modtools from their Wiki
  • Download the Modtools Extender from my website in the Downloads section
  • Open StAModtoolExtender.zip and Drag & Drop the Hexagon folder into the Assets folder in your Unity project
  • Run Unity3D with your modding project
  • Last step is very important, in the Assets folder of your project, create a new folder : Mods and put all your mods into this one.
  • You can see in the top menu a new menu : Hexagon

Mod Manager Added in 1.0

Allows you to create the basic folders for your mod. Also you can find various shortcuts to open the Debuglog, lanuch the game...

Quick guide

Create new Mod

  • In New Mod section
  • Write the name of your mod
  • Check all required folders
  • Click on Generate button
  • Your new mod folder is ready in Assets/Mods

Add Template Files in your mod

  • Select your Mod in the Droplist Select Mod
  • In the Template Fiel section
  • Write the name of the template file
  • Click on one button (builting template or other) to Generate the file in your mod folder
  • Property Type is reserved to generate Property Building template

Mod Compiler

I improved the official compiler and added a Dependency System to re-use your Assets for your future new mods to make very light one.

Quick guide

Compile your mod

  • In Build Mods section select your Mod
  • If you use the dependencies, check Include Dependencies
  • Click on Build Selected Mod
  • You can also compile your Dependency only in the Build Dependency


  • Clear Bundle Files to remove all files generated by hte compiler
  • Launch Game to run Surviving the aftermath (Epic Games only)
  • Open Mods Folder open the StA mods folder in your Documents
How use the dependencies?

The dependencies is an Mod with vairous assets only (textures, meshes, FX, sounds...), you can re-use it to create other mods and make very light mods!

  • You must to create a new folder in your project, in Assets/ folder add a Dependencies folder. In this folder, create a new folder for your Dependency.
  • Add a Mod file (right-click) Creates > Assets > Aftermath > Mod set the name, description and version.
  • Add your Assets
  • Create a new mod (with the normal way) and use the Assets from your Dependency to create your building.
  • During the compilation, the compiler build the Dependency and your Mod, normally there will be no assets in your mod.
  • To use your mod in-game you need to enable the Dependency! (there is no load order)

Event Editor Added in 0.5b

Create your first Event

  • In the first time prepare your workplace and create your mod folder in Assets/Mods and create a sub-folder "Events" to store your template files.
  • In this folder make a Right click to open the menu and select Creates>Hexagon>Event>Event Template.

  • Select this new file (give a name before) and watch the Inspector. There are various fields, buttons and options to set your Event.
  • Before to fill this form you need to create all List Data used by your Event. (In XML this data are into"list_data" tags.). There are 3 types : Resources, Colonists and Events.
    You can create a new list in the menu Create > Hexagon > Event > Event Template > Lists. On the left an exemple of Resource Data Template.

Main Event, Triggers and Followups

  • Now go to your Event Template to add your List Data. Click on Add Resource|Colonist|Event to add your List Data template. It's very important to add these files in first because the editor use this data to fill various dropdown lists.
    Note: If you don't use Colonist (or other type) data, don't add it.
  • Next step is long, fill all text fields, set the options...
  • Don't write your text descriptions or titles here, all texts are written in your Localization files. Exemple: the field "Description Text Key" is the text ID used in the localization file, your ID must start by #EVENT_.(Check the Event file in the sample mod Fish Factory and the wiki for more informations on the naming convetion)
Set the Main Event
Set the Triggers
Set the FollowUp Events

Generete XML

  • If your Event Template is ready, you can export it to generate the XML for your mod.
  • Click on Hexagon on the top menu and select Event Exporter a small popup appears
  • Put your Event Template file in the first field.
  • Enter the mod folder name
  • Enter a name for the event file
  • Generate the XML file (.event) is ready.
  • Close this popup and the file appear in your Project tab.
  • Last step create your localization file with all texts!

If all is ok you can find your .event in your mod folder. You can edit it with any TextEditor.
Tips Keep your template files, you can re-edit your Event to change values or create variants. Don't forget to re-generate the XML!

Translator Added in 0.6b

The localization files are very essential for your mod because your texts, names, descriptions are stored in this file. But it's not very pleasant to write in this file... Now there is Translator!

  • To open the Translator, click on the yop menu Hexagon > Translator
  • A new window appears with various tabs for each language and ID.
  • Click on ID tab and on the "Add new entry button", write all #KEY_TEXTS here.

  • Now you can write all translations for each #KEY_TEXT and each language
  • If all is ok, select your mod folder and filename. Click on "Export CVS" button< to generate your .loc in your mod folder.
  • Now you can close this folder. But if you need to re-edit the translation texts, re-open Translator and drag & drop your .loc file to the field at the top next to the button "New", and *Magic!*


Localization File Added in 0.4b

You can add in few click a localization file for your mod.

  • Right click in your mod folder and select Create > Aftermath > Localization
  • The Localization.loc file is created with the language header.

Script File Added in 0.4b

You can add in few click a Script file for your mod.

  • Right click in your mod folder and select Create > Aftermath > Script
  • The AftermathScript.script file is created with the good references.

Many thanks for my 42 generous donators!