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Unofficial Cotnent Pack - Release Notes

Release Notes

Latest modifications

Alpha 0.1.2 - 2021/06/19

Major Changes

After various conversations with the players, I planned a major change in my All-in-One Mod. The important features as like the New Resources / New Gameplay / Specific Green Planet content, will be available in separate mod because, a lot of players like to play with the vanilla resources/gameplay only.

  • Hydrogen chain production (include tech/upgrades/buildings) are available in a separate Mod and removed from the Core.
  • Core has been updated to support the “Mod Extensions”
  • Fixed a typo in the Core Mod ID
    • Possible you must re-enable the mod into the Mod Manager.
    • A notification may appear after loading your Savegame, but don’t worry all works. To fix it, re-save your game.
Minor Changes
Hydrogen Refinery
  • Fuel Production up from 12 to 24
  • Hydrogen Consumption down from 2 to 1
Electrolysis System
  • Hydrogen Production up from 12 to 20
  • Added Resource Pile
Fusion Reactor
  • Hydrogen Consumption down from 2 to 0.5
  • Now, the Hydrogen Consumption is based on the Electricity Production variation.
Thermal Reactor
  • Fuel Consumption down

Alpha 0.1 - 2021/06/13

New Core

No more dependency, the Essential files Mod is not necessary. I rewrote all the code of the Core Mod to include a new version in this Pack.

New Techs

The new Techs in the new Techfield work only with the buildings from this Pack.

New Tech Field : HEXATECH
  • 5 new Techs
  • All Techs are already discovered
  • Same price for each Tech (8500 RP)
New Techs
  • Automated Systems
  • Martian Geothermal
  • Martian Thermal Reactor
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Deep Space Exploration
New Buildings
  • Medium Air Tank Stores Oxygen.
  • Medium Water Tank Stores Water.
  • Extra Large Water Tank Stores a large amount of Water.
  • Water Recycling System Reduces the Dome water consumption. (Only one by Dome)
  • Water Electrolyser System Produces Oxygen & Hydrogen from the Water.
  • Hydrogen Refinery Converts Hydrogen into Fuel
  • Automatic Metals Extractor Extracts Metals without workers
  • Automatic Rare Metals Extractor Extracts Rare Metals without workers
  • Advanced Solar Panel Produces power from the Sun & Artificial Sun
  • Thermal Reactor Produces power from the Fuel, generates heat and improves the Temperature for the Terraforming.
  • Geothermal Power Plant Place it over a Hotspot to produce power from the Water, generates heat and improves the Temperature for the Terraforming .
  • Observatory Generates funds or RP after completing a Deep Space Scan.
  • Passage Hub Connects various Domes to create a real “Dome Network”
  • Medium Apartments “Home Sweet Home”
  • Hydrogen Depot A new Small Storage depot to store the Hydrogen
New Features
  • New resource : Hydrogen Produced by the Electrolyser Plant, this resource can be used to create more Fuel and used by the Fusion Reactors.
  • New Subsurface Deposit : Geothermal Hotspot After researching the Martian Geothermal Tech, some Hotspot appear on the map. These spots are required to build the Geothermal Power Plant.
Other Changes
  • Fusion Reactor : Now requires Hydrogen to produce Power
  • Hydrogen added in the Infobar
Mod Compatibility

For the moment I’ve a few data on the compatibility with the other mods.

  • Silva’s mods stay compatible but for a better experience disable all my mods to avoid the duplications of the Buildings and Techs.
  • Not tried with other mods yet.

  • Surviving Mars : Tourist Update (Steam version)
  • Surviving Mars : Green Planet (Optional but Recommended)
  • No mod dependency