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Unofficial Content Pack


This Unofficial Content Pack (UCP) will add a new buildings and resources for Surviving Mars. Also I planned to rework and include various of my old buildings in this Pack.

For moment the I'm not sure if this pack will compatible with my other mods, it's very complex and requires a lot work. Otherwise, I stop the support for my old mods to focus on this one only.


  • New resource : Uranium
  • New buildings to extract/use the Uranium
  • Rework my old buildings
  • Add new buildings
  • Rework Wastewater System


Last Update : 2021-04-11

With this Roadmap you can find more information on my packs and the progress. The Roadmap is not fixed I can bring a lot of changes in the future.

Uranium production chain

  • Uranium resource box
  • Uranium Extractor
  • Fission Reactor
  • Nuclear Waste Processing Plant
  • Uranium Storage
  • Nuclear Waste Storage
  • Nuclear Technology

Wastewater System

  • Collector Finished
  • Water Recycler Finished
  • Wastewater Tank Finished
  • UI
  • Updae Lifesupport Grid
  • Better compatibility with the mods

Geothermal System

  • Geothermal Power Plant WiP
  • Hotspot on the map

Reworked buildings

Work in Progress... I'm not finish to select the buildings.

  • Advanced Fuel Refinery Finished
  • Observatory WiP
  • Automated Extractors
  • Large Universal Storage
  • Medium Air Tank Finished
  • Medium Water Tank Finished
  • Passage Hub Finished
  • Very Large Water Tank Finished
  • Medium Apartments WiP
  • Modular Apartments

New buildings

Work in Progress...Currently I research new ideas for new Buildings.

  • Hydroponic Spire Farm
  • Wonder : Giant Residential Spire
  • ...


  • Rework SILVATECH
  • Add new Techs
  • Mod options to enable/disable buildings
  • No dependency

Unrevealed Content

For the moment I can't reveal this content!

  • Building #1
  • Building #2
  • Building #3
  • ...

Release dates

I work on my Free Time to create this Pack, so I can't plan any dates for the moment.

  • Beta : ??/??/2021
  • Release : ??/??/??