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Aftermath Mod Changeslog


Latest modifications

Update 2.1 - 2020/12/05

  • Compatibility with the Game Update #12
Asset Pack 2.1
  • Added all FX textures and materials for Cold Effect
  • Fixed various Particles Effects
  • Fixed various Textures
Building Pack 2.1
  • Updated All Building Templates to work with the temperatures and overlay view
  • Updated the repair resources for all buildings
  • Added Cold FX for Davide's Bar and Toolshop level 2 (the other buildings for a next update...)
  • Added Sound when building is selected
  • Removed Chicken Farm (temporarily)
Disaster Pack 2.1
  • Updated all Disater Templates for Game Update #12
  • Removed my Nuclear Winter Disaster
  • Added Dust Storm FX on the WorldMap

Hotfix - 2020/10/04

Building Pack 2.0.2
  • Increased area effect of the Fallout Shelter
  • Fixed Translation text for Davide’s Bar effect
  • Fixed Door Probe to Open/Close the building doors
  • Reduced pollution generation by Medium Toilets

Hotfix - 2020/09/19

Asset Pack 2.0.1
  • Fixed PollutionFX Animation is correctly played progressively
Building Pack 2.0.1
  • Fixed PollutionFX
  • Changed Campfire is affected by pollution
  • Changed Pollution & Disaster resistance values for various buildings

Update 2.0 - 2020/09/17

I've decided to remove all standalone versions of my mods because it's a extra work for me and there are few unique downloads for these mods, I prefer to focus on my packs. Also, all the packs are in version 2.0 because I made a lot of internal changes but there are a few additions.

  • Added script for Debug Log
  • Changed all files name for a new naming convention
  • Changed all ID for Mods, Buildings and Disasters
  • Fixed compatibility with Unity 2019.4 and Game Update 1.10
  • Removed all standalone versions of my mods
  • Removed all unused Assets
  • Major optimization of Textures
  • Optimization of Particle Systems
Asset Pack 2.0
  • Added all FX textures and materials from Disaster Pack
  • Fixed various Particles Effects
  • Fixed various Textures
Building Pack 2.0
  • Added new building: Fallout Shelter
  • Added missing translation key for the happiness effect from Davide’s Bar
  • Added new energy system for each building
  • Changed Small Nuclear Waste Storage becomes Small Pollution Storage
  • Changed Basic Bunker becomes Sandbag Bunker
  • Changed Rustic Toilets becomes Medium Toilets
  • Changed Wooden Fences has a new texture
  • Changed Shanty House has new texture
  • Changed Sandbag Bunker has new ground texture
  • Changed Meal Storage has new texture
  • Changed Power Generator can be affected by Magnetic Storm and Solar Flare
  • Changed to unlock Meal Storage and Granary the Phase2 is required instead of Phase1
  • Fixed no more Smoke Explosion for the Container House after reloading your savegame
  • Removed Dirty Toilet Event
Disaster Pack 2.0
  • Reduced all damages and bad effects for each disaster
  • Added Hit Effect during Solar Flare when the buildings are damaged
  • Changed Asset Pack is required now
  • Removed all FX textures and materials
  • Meteor Impact FX from Large Meteor has been improved
  • Lightning Impact FX from Thunderstorm and Tornado has been improved
  • Changed Lightning damage from Thunderstorm has been reduced