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Aftermath modding


Mods for Aftermath

All these mods are maked by myself. Only Packs are presented here, you can find the standalone versions on Paraodx Mods and Steamworkshop.

Warning! My work on Aftermath is temporarily suspended.

Aftermath Cheat Mode

The cheat mode is already in-game but disabled, I found a way to enable this mode.
To use it press F10 to toggle the cheat screen. Becarful, as other mods you need to start a new game.


Hexagon Asset Pack

This mod is essential to work all my other mods. It contains various assets (meshes, FX, scripts...).Keep this mod updated!.


Hexagon Building Pack

All-in-One Mod, there are all my buildings in one pack. The big advantage of this mod is not necessary to restart a new game if I add a new building. This is is not possible with the standalone versions.


Hexagon Disaster Pack

This mod is like a little DLC adding various new disasters, incidents and defense buildings.


Symbol Colony Pack

I am not the author of the logos, I just added these ones for the game.


How to install the mods for Aftermath ?

The Mod folder

C:\%USER%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Surviving the Aftermath\Mods
If the Mods folder doesn't exit, create it.

With Paraodx Mod

Download manually the mods, don't use the Subscribe button this feature doesn't work correctly for the moment. Put the .mod file in the mod folder.
Tips: You can rename the .mod file to keep clear your mod list.

With Nexusmods

Download and decompress the ZIP archive in the mod folder.

With Steamworkshop

Currently this platform is not available.

How to update the mods for Aftermath ?

If you use Paradox Mod or Nexusmods to keep update my mods you need to download each new version manually. The auto-update doesn't work.

To follow easily the new mod updates watch my Discord : Mod Update

Known issues

#1 Subscrtibe button on Paradox Mod and Enable & Disable mod with the launcher doesnt'work.
Solution: Download and install manually.

#2 If you use mods and if you reload your savegame in the same session, the mods become disabled.
Solution: Close & relaunch the game the game and play with your savegame.

#3 Impossible to enable new mod in your savegame, you need to start a new game.
Solution: None.



Before to use these cheats you need to install and enable my Cheat Mode Mod

  • F10 Toggle Cheat Window
  • SHIFT+F1 Add an aggressive wild animal (note: Bugged)
  • SHIFT+F2 Add a box of each resource to the colony
  • SHIFT+F3 Add a colonist
  • SHIFT+F4 Add specialist
  • F1 Spawned a box of Metal
  • F2 Spawned a box of Corn
  • F3 Spawned a box of Fish
  • F4 Spawned a box of Scrap
  • ALT+CTRL+D Consume selected deposit or Damage selected building or colonist
  • SHIFT+F Add pollution on selected building
  • CTRL+F Reset pollution on selected building


Tools and resources

Official Modtools

The Modtools is a Package for Unity 2018.4, you can findit on Github.

Official Wiki

If you want to start the modding, start to read the wiki.