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Unofficial Content Pack


The Unofficial Content Pack (UCP) is an All-in-One mod and totally FREE, it will contain a great part of my old buildings which will be entirely reworked and new ones.

I planned to remove all my mods on Steamworkshop & Paradox Mods after launching the Release 1.0 of my Pack. Why ? Because it’s impossible for me to keep update all my mods for the future content and to avoid the duplication of my Buildings.

Keep In Mind, this version is an Alpha, all planned content is not integrated yet. There are probably many issues, missing content (FX, sounds, textures….), no translation, bad balancing, placeholders for the texts, pictures, 3d models… and the future updates can break your Savegames.

The goal of this Alpha is to show my work progress and I would like to get your feedback, find issues and send your suggestions.


Alpha 0.1 - Only on Steamworkshop - Status: Available (2021/06/13)
Major Content
  • New Mod Core
  • 1 New Techfield with 5 New Techs
  • 11 Old Buildings Reworked
  • 4 New Buildings
  • Water Recycling
  • Hydrogen Resource
  • Martian Geothermal
Alpha 0.2 - Only on Steamworkshop - Status: Work In Progress (2021/??/??)
Major Content
  • Automated Factories
  • Hydrogen Resource UI/Stats
  • Bugfixes
Alpha 0.3 - Steamworkshop & Paradox Mods (Console Edition) - Status: Design
Major Content
  • Uranium chain production
  • Bugfixes

After many other versions and bugfixes...

Release 1.0 - All Platforms - Status: ...
Remove all standalone mod versions.

Validated Content

  • Old Buildings & Features Reworked (not all)
  • New Buildings & Wonders
  • New Tourist Buildings
  • New resources and chain production : Hydrogen & Uranium
  • Martian Geothermal
  • New Techfield "HEXATECH" & Techs
  • New Upgrades
  • Include Terraforming parameters
  • Martian Policy Reworked
  • Better Model Optimization with the LOD system
  • Better Mod Comptability
  • New Colony Logos
  • New Skin for the Depots
  • Mod Options Module
  • Translation Module

Experimental Content

This content is not sure, I must make prototypes before.

  • Auto Carrier Rover System
  • Martian Spaceport
  • New Dome

Canceled & Removed Content

This content will be removed for some reasons: no mod friendly, bugs, hard to keep update...

  • Wastewater System (simplified in Alpha 0.1)
  • Cosmos Project
  • Orion Rocket
  • International Fuel Corporation
  • Some old buildings (no list yet)

Your Feedback

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Alpha 0.1